Why Aegis Group Search Consultants, LLC?

Our Philosophy

We strive to deliver and sustain customer satisfaction and excellence.

The mission of Aegis Group Search Consultants, LLC is to provide superb executive level search services to healthcare organizations.  We are committed to presenting a select group of diverse, well-qualified candidates most appropriate to the client’s strategic programs, operational challenges and cultural environment.

We possess the capacity to help our healthcare clients incorporate their goals of diversity into the ranks of senior management leadership.  We realize the importance for healthcare care organizations to strive to align executive leadership, management, the organizational culture and the external community.  This alignment lends value in the pursuit of corporate vision, strategic objectives and local buy-in. Such synergy derives benefits to productivity, performance and profits.  Aegis Search Consultants, LLC helps clients achieve these results.


Our Core Values

Diversity – We realize a “healthy” organization reflects its community.  A diverse team of senior leadership, management and staff best address corporate programs, operations and community issues.  It is important to reap the benefits of collective resources.

Integrity – We conduct living and business with respect for people, performance and productivity.

Trust – We take ownership of responsibility and relationships.

Commitment – We strive to deliver and sustain customer satisfaction and excellence.


Our Standard of Practice:
We work diligently to achieve client satisfaction by aligning the client’s goals and conditions with a candidate’s experience and skills.  We thoroughly assess the organization, the market, the position specifications and the personal attributes of candidates to reinforce an ideal organizational “fit”.  We identify the priorities, opportunities, challenges and environment of our clients’ organization.